Johanna Carolina Páez Redondo

Gynecologist specialist in human reproduction

Physician and specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Universidad del Rosario, sub-specialist in reproductive medicine at the Institute of Human Fertility InSer.

Her particular interest in reproductive endocrinology and human infertility prompted her to continue her studies once she finished her residency, obtaining the title of sub-specialist in human fertility and becoming the first female doctor at the InSer Bogotá headquarters.

During her professional development, she has been a professor at the Universidad del Rosario in Gynecology. One of her passions, the academy, has led her to participate in different research projects and presentations at national congresses and publications in reproductive medicine magazines. Together with the interdisciplinary team of the Bogotá headquarters, she continues to develop several research projects enriching their knowledge. Undoubtedly, this scientific experience is part of the daily update on reproductive issues that aim to help in the care of many infertility patients who dream of starting a family.