A great practice to take on an amazing journey

This is a great practice where you feel treated as family, Dr. Cano is such an expert “guru” on fertility. I’m a return customer and I can assure you that they will try their best to help you walk through this journey. I recommend to a 1-800 number to be available at no cost to out of the country patients to communicate with the practice and facilitate the process.

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Tel. +57(604) 268 8000 Calle 12 No. 39-60 Sector El Poblado.


Tel. +57(601) 746 9869 Calle 124 No. 7-38, piso 7. Unidad de Especialistas Santa Fe Real.


Tel. +57(605) 693 0434 Calle 6a No. 3-17 Edificio Jasban, consultorio 401.


Tel. +57(606) 340 1709 Calle 10 No. 15-48, piso 2. Cat Médica, Barrio Los Alpes


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