Egg Donation

This procedure, one of the most used in fertility clinics around the world, is the search for pregnancy by donating eggs by a donor. Many women resort to this treatment because over time and especially after 37 years the quality and quantity of eggs falls quickly, or because of various diseases that affect their fertility. This alternative provides the possibility for these women to achieve the desire to have a pregnancy with the help of our specialists.

When a woman has lost her ovaries because of various illnesses, or they no longer have eggs, there is an alternative to achieving a pregnancy using donated eggs.

The procedure consists of extracting eggs from a compatible donor woman (who shares physical similarities) with the female recipient of the bone who requires the donation. These eggs are taken to the laboratory to put them in direct contact with the sperm of the couple of the recipient woman. In the strictest laboratory conditions, the eggs are fertilized and begin to grow and multiplyAfter 2 to 3 days, the fertilized eggs (already embryos of 4 or 8 cells) are introduced directly to the uterus of the recipient woman so that they implant there and the expected pregnancy occurs.

Women who may opt for this treatment are those who:

  • Have lost their ovaries for surgery or another reason.
  • Are carriers of a family illness that they do not wish to transmit to their children.
  • Are in menopause or are close to menopause
  • Have had conception flaws due to ovarian factors.

Egg donation is one of the most successful assisted reproduction techniques, with pregnancy percentages between 50 and 60% per cycle.

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