5 Christmas time wishes that will unite hearts and make dreams come true

Today we are writing for you, future mom and future dad. Today, we want you to know that just like you, our main desire for Christmas is to make that dream you have fought so hard for come true and for which your heart is saying every day, Come on, it can be done!

Today, December 24, we will close our eyes at 12 midnight and we will be grateful for having met you and accompanied you in your process. Throughout the year we have collected our Christmas wishes, and today we share them with you so that together we can join forces, and through these wishes, align energies so that that great desire to welcome a child soon becomes a reality.

Wish #1

Finding calm in the midst of the turbulence: the roller coaster of emotions that we are experiencing takes us through challenging terrain with sudden descents, but also with rapid ascents. Wherever we are on the mountain, we will always find the path that will take us back to the top of that mountain.

Wish #2

To learn to accept and love each process: as children we were taught to plan our future, but what we were not told is that sometimes life wants to show us other paths that may not be what we had imagined, but that have great purposes and lessons of life.  Let’s learn to accept with the heart and to receive each lesson with love.

Wish #3

Strengthen the heart for the journey together: surround ourselves with those we love and seek support from those who understand each situation is a big step to understand that we are not alone. Perhaps it is in the other person that we find the strength we sometimes need.

Wish #4

To love the present in order to attract a prosperous future: enjoying the here and now will allow us to find the tranquility to live each moment and be grateful for each situation. The future will bring some big surprises, but as they come, value every opportunity to keep  going.

Wish #5

TO MAKE THE DREAM OF BEING A PARENT A REALITY : no matter how long we have to prepare our heart, or the treatment that leads to that miracle of love, the most important thing is to keep on trusting and dreaming that it is possible.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TIME! May the magic of this special season allow us to unite our energies so that the desire to be parents shines through.

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