Rights and responsabilities

At Inser, we are committed to respecting and ensuring the fulfillment of the rights and duties of the users/patients by continually striving for an excellent relationship among the Institution, the patients, and their families. That is why we adopted the following decalogue, which includes all our patients and their relatives in their human condition with no discrimination.

  • Receive dignified, humane, and ethical treatment. 
  • Respect for your beliefs, race, politics, culture, and health condition. 
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of your clinical history and privacy throughout your experience in the Institution. 
  • Receive safe medical care, of excellent quality, with qualified staff and cutting-edge technology. 
  • Freely choose the doctor who is going to treat you.
  • Obtain all the necessary information regarding your diagnosis and treatment, including procedures, risks, prognoses, informed consent, and services costs. 
  • Decide on whether to permit the participation of professional doctors teaching during the consultations and treatments to be received. 
  • Request a second medical opinion.
  • Authorize the possibility of being part of studies and research processes. 
  • Receive accompaniment and warmth from the Inser family. 
  • Request a copy of your medical history according to the procedures established by the Institution.
  • Provide truthful, clear, and complete information about your health status.
  • Strive for the integral care of your health and well-being and the others involved.
  • Comply with the norms and regulations of the Institution and the indications of the staff who provide the service.
  • Treat the team in the Institution with dignity and respect the privacy of the other patients.
  •  Follow the schedule of the appointments and procedures and inform us in advance in the event you are unable to attend.
  • Actively participate and be responsible for your own care and treatment process.
  • Inform the medical staff or assistance staff about any adverse reaction that might appear during the treatment.
  • Pay for services at the Institution promptly.
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