Preconceptional appointment

If you and your partner have already decided it is time to have a baby, the first thing to do is go to a preconceptional appointment with a specialist in gynecology and fertility, as this health professional will analyze your case to launch this important life project providing solutions and alternatives to have a safe and healthy pregnancy for both the mother and her baby.

Preconceptional appointment is a visit with a specialist in gynecology and fertility who analyzes the possible difficulties and risk factors that a partner has when it comes to conceiving a baby, focused on their medical history, their own illnesses and hereditary, psychosocial and environmental factors, among others.

When the couple decides that it is the ideal time for a pregnancy. In the preconceptional appointment, all possible factors that may lead to a problem of infertility or a high-risk pregnancy will be analyzed.

Any couple who plans to have a baby as a short- and medium-term project should go to a preconceptional appointment. In addition, this medical appointment is also useful for women who wish to be mothers have:

  • Medical problems like diabetes
  • Nutritional problems such as anemia, or folic acid deficiency.
  • Contact with substances that may affect the baby as teratogens as tobacco, alcohol, or Warfarin.
  • History of RH isoimmunization or premature births.

Certain factors also need an early consultation. Some of them are irregular or painful menstruations, history of surgeries or abdominal infections, semen abnormalities such as low volume or abnormal color and the presence of sexual problems in the couple.

In the preconceptional quotation, factors such as:

  • Physical exam
  • Ultrasound
  • Diagnostic impression
  • Recommendations to achieve pregnancy.
  • Among others.

The function of the preconceptional appointment is to clarify the doubts of a couple who want to get pregnant. In this medical appointment, patients will receive medical advice on medical examinations and treatments to be done which will be focused on broadening the initial diagnosis, as well as suggestions on improving their lifestyle to achieve the long-awaited pregnancy.

The preconceptional appointment is a guarantee to achieve a safe and successful pregnancy, get in touch with us:

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