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The Institute of Human Fertility InSer is a large and recognized fertility center in Colombia with presence in Medellin, Bogota, Cartagena and Pereira. We pride ourselves in providing caring and personal attention that is complemented with our facilities, technology and knowledge of our specialists to diagnose, treat and accompany each patient. We invite you to find out about all our services, discuss your concerns and schedule your appointment.

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Deseo de Estrella

Gracias porque nunca estuve sola, gracias porque desde el primer día me hicieron sentir en casa y gracias a ustedes el proceso de traer a Maximiliano al mundo fue maravilloso.

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Gracias a un gran equipo

Nuestra historia comenzó 4 años atrás, cuando nos preguntamos: ¿Por qué no hemos quedado en embarazo si no estamos usando ningún método para evitarlo?

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Tres intentos y dos milagros

Nuestra historia comenzó 4 años atrás, cuando nos preguntamos: ¿Por qué no hemos quedado en embarazo si no estamos usando ningún método para evitarlo?

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Todo vale la pena

Mi esposo y yo decidimos complementar nuestra familia con un nuevo integrante, un hijo, y digo complementar ya que en la historia de nuestra vida nos han acompañado dos lindos perritos que como decimos, nos hicieron “papás perrunos”.

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Follow your dreams and never give up!

Did some test and receive a phone call from gynecologist in Holland and was told that I never be pregnant on a natural way because my tube was blocked. My world was never the same because the hope to become a mother was nihil, except to try IVF.

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The touch of an angel

We’ve struggled with infertility for more than a decade, we live in London and did several treatments in different clinics with no luck.

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Blog – Let´s talk about fertility

Can infertility issues arise while trying to achieve a second pregnancy?

Secondary infertility arises in couples who are on their search for a second /third child and are not achieving pregnancy in a natural manner. This condition may arise by multiple causes which can be treated if seen by a fertility specialist.

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Mom, today I want to tell you that I have not been able to become a mother yet

For a long time, I have kept silent, but today I need you to accompany me and support me, to stand by me so that together we can strive to make my dream of being a mother come true and for you to be called “grandma”.

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INSER is accredited by REDLARA as a GOLD Seal Center

As acknowledgement of the committed and responsible work we have done on reproductive techniques, INSER was accredited as a GOLD seal center by the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction REDLARA.

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