Follow your dreams and never give up!

Here with my story:

It started in 2006, noticed that something was wrong because my period was very un regular and a lot of pain.
Did some test and receive a phone call from gynecologist in Holland and was told that I never be pregnant on a natural way because my tube was blocked. My world was never the same because the hope to become a mother was nihil, except to try IVF.

In 2015 I went to Guadeloupe to ‘clean’ my tube and uterus so we tried to get pregnant on a natural way. Pharmacy’s had saw me so often and every pregnancy test was negative. A lot of times felt so sad, the positive thing was that my husband has patience and when I was sad, he always cheers me up.

I never gave up and planned to do IVF. In our country/island IVF is not covered on medical insurance, so we use our savings money to fulfill our dreams.
We networked a lot about different clinic’s abroad and came into Inser Medellin.

It was just like a adventure because we never went to Colombia! The first visit to the clinic was a experience we will never ever forget. All the people that works in the clinic are so good, professional, nice and most important lovely. And because of all the positive vibe, we felt so comfortable and started the procedure.

Because of my age (40) I did not had a lot of follicles, so was worried about it. They let us felt so good, and took all the worries that we had away.

After couple weeks we did the test and finally for ones the test was positive.

We are so blessed that we got the opportunity to experience Inser Clinic, and they are the ones that ‘ make our dream come true’

We are happy parents from our daughter.

For the readers: Follow your dreams and never give up!

We would like to thank Inser Clinic, the whole staff and the gynecologist Dr. Giraldo will always be in our heart.

– Tanja van der Bok-Saridjojo.