Non-invasive Test Baby Plus and Baby Plus Advanced

For those expecting a child, Baby Plus and Baby Plus Advanced genetic tests done by the “Cordon de Vida” program will help to know about possible abnormalities and malformations in children with just a blood test.

When the pregnancy news arrives, the couple prepares for a transformational process. Their whole life will move around this new being, and the expectations about the baby entering this world will dictate their plans and future projects. One of the great hopes is that the child comes in good health. “Born healthy” is the primary concern of new parents because the well-being and health of the child go beyond every other motivation that the couple has.

What are the advantages of performing non-invasive Baby Plus and Baby plus Advanced tests?

Due to the advances in science, it is already possible to know the precise state of health of a fetus from the first weeks of gestation because the baby’s DNA runs through the maternal blood, and thus, with only a sample of the mother’s blood, the couple will know for sure if their child can have serious illnesses that put its life at risk and whether it is possible to continue with the pregnancy.

With the non-invasive prenatal tests SG Baby Plus and Baby Plus Advanced tests, it can be known, with a margin of 95% reliability and with only 10 weeks of gestation, if the baby has genetic abnormalities such as:

  • Trisomy 21, associated with Down Syndrome.
  • Trisomy 18, associated with Edwards Syndrome.
  • Trisomy 13, associated with Patau Syndrome.
  • Trisomy 16 and 22, associated with spontaneous abortion.
  • Aneuploidies of chromosomes 9 and 15.
  • Aneuploidies of sex chromosomes: Turner Syndrome and Klinefelter Syndrome.

In addition, the SG Baby Test Advanced, the extended version of the Baby Plus test, identifies 10 microdeletions or mutations related to genetic syndromes such as:

  • Angelman Syndrome
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • 1p36 deletion
  • Cat Meow Syndrome
  • Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome
  • Jacobsen Syndrome
  • Langer-Giedion Syndrome
  • DiGeorge II Syndrome
  • Phelan-McDermid Syndrome
  • Deletion 16p 11.2-P 12.2

After performing the blood test on the mother, within less than 36 hours will be sent to the Genomic Systems laboratory in Spain. In less than two weeks, geneticists send the results found to the treating physician in Colombia, who oversees the process to inform the parents whether the baby has any malformations.

These blood tests are recommended for any couple expecting a child. Regardless of the mother’s age or the family genetic history, any pregnant woman is at risk for her baby to have any of the diseases mentioned above.

In addition, the Baby Plus and Baby Advanced tests are recommended in the following cases:

  • Women with an advanced maternal age.
  • Couples who have a family history of pregnancies with aneuploidies or chromosomal mutations.
  • Fetuses with ultrasound abnormalities.
  • Couples receiving abnormal results in the first-trimester biochemical screening.

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