Hormonal disorders

What kind of hormonal disorders can men and women present, and how does it affect fertility?

The human endocrine system is extraordinarily complex and has multiple organs and subsystems that are all involved with each other. All of them are perfectly integrated to maintain optimal functioning that guarantees health and well-being. Any alteration in the functioning of one of these organs can have a secondary effect on the others with diverse repercussions, for example, in the maintenance of body weight, learning, appetite, sleep, and fertility.

Ovulation is a process susceptible to any endocrine alterations. That is why when we evaluate fertility in women, we investigate the functioning of some of these organs with specific hormonal studies depending on the clinical judgment of the specialist, for example, the thyroid with TSH and prolactin. 

For men, a proper endocrine function is also essential, but most studies indicate that sperm production is not as sensitive and is only altered when there are major hormonal disorders.

  • Alterations in the sleep/wake cycle
  • Alterations in body temperature regulation (unexplained hot or cold)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Excessively dry skin or, on the contrary, excessively oily skin
  • Mood disturbances
  • Sexual dysfunction

Clinical judgment will always be the initial step in finding a possible hormonal cause of a fertility disorder. Depending on the findings at the consultation, the specialist will request the necessary studies to clarify the diagnosis, given that the options are many and require a careful approach so as not to request unnecessary studies.

Depending on how the endocrine subsystem is affected, patients may be candidates for various medications to regulate the functioning of an affected gland to maintain or improve their chances of becoming pregnant.

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