Testicular biopsy

To corroborate a diagnosis of infertility and other problems in male sexual health, in many cases, a doctor can recommend a testicular biopsy, so as to diagnose the man’s reproductive potential.

It is a surgery to remove a piece of tissue from the testicles. This tissue is examined under a microscope.

The biopsy can be done in many ways. These are:

  • Open biopsy: In this procedure, the skin of the testicle is cleaned with a disinfectant medication (antiseptic). The area is then covered, and a local anesthetic is applied.  A small incision is then performed through the skin and a small sample of testicular tissue is extracted. At the end, a stitch is placed to close the wound. If necessary, the procedure is repeated in the other testicle.
  • Puncture biopsy: The area is cleaned, and local anesthesia is used, as in the open biopsy. A sample of the testicle is taken using a special needle. This procedure does not require skin incisions.
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