Anonymous testimony

Dear Doctor Natalia,

We really don’t know how to express our gratitude for what you have done for us.

First, the fact that you are so fluent in English, was of course an important element for our good comprehension for us, as my wife is Colombian, and I am American.

But the most important factor was for us your constant devotion, your permanent availability, and your vast knowledge on the forefront of Reproductive Medicine, in addition to your extreme professionalism.

With that said, you were not just a specialist Doctor that we were consulting, but also you became a trusted friend for my wife and myself.

My wife is forty years old, and I am 70 years young. My wife has pervious surgery to prevent pregnancy after having first three children from a previous marriage – so we were really talking of a difficult pregnancy at high risks. Furthermore, I had a previous marriage where we went a couple of times to a fertility leading clinics in Pittsburgh, Pa, and over ten times in Las Vegas as well without any result other than frustration and financial abuse. So the least to say was that I was apprehensive without showing it!

We imposed on you a lot of religious constraints that you dealt with in a very welcoming, and always graceful manner. We truly discovered an angel in you who made everything possible to allow us to be now happily expecting a baby.

There has been difficult moments when my wife over reacted to some hormonal preparation medications, and you intelligently found an alternative course. Later we had to choose how many embryos to re-implant and when; and right away,  my wife we would have chosen two embryos on Day 5 – but you advised us to wait two more days in order to see what embryos will grow better. How right and well inspired you were, because the biggest embryos on day 5 (that could have been first choice then),  on day seven were then inert; and the only embryo you selected on that day 7 was a total success.

So in addition to all your personal and professional qualities and skills – You have an amazing flair to sense what to do despite the stressful requirements of your amazing job.

You always have put first the health of your patient, and succeeded to gently but steadily refused increasing the risky predisposition of my wife by implanting two embryos as she would have preferred – Again what a great call,  because now we can admire the results of all your personal and professional expertise and devotion!

Dr. Natalia, you later learned that I am a psychologist and a profiler; so obviously I can pretty much know someone better than they would – and I could be all night continuing enumerating so many amazing things that we have witnessed in you. This is why we are recommending friends from all over the world to only see you for receiving the best care in the world in responsible reproductive medicine.

One cannot always succeed in your so complex field, but if and when that might happened: you must know that anyone else could not have succeed better than you to fight against G.od’s plans of natural selection…

Forever, we will be indebted to you, and we will be happy to keep in touch with you. Hopefully with the help of G.od, we will be happily sending you pictures by early September (from our new home in Israel) of the great miracle baby gift you gave us in our lives.

All the best, and may you be recognized globally one day as the best of your peers!

Thank you, with all our respectful admiration, gratitude, friendship, and affection.

All the best.


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