Letter from a dad who achieved his dream through donation

Know something? You and I have a lot in common, and that is what we share, what has me here today, with an infinite desire to tell you many things but not knowing where to start.

I think that the dream that we both have and the one that I have fulfilled, that today calls me “dad,” is what unites us because that’s how it began, it all started with a dream, a longing, and a desire and today it is possible thanks to the fortune to have a team of specialists like InSer. They became the angels that guide and direct our dream.

Although I wanted to step aside and give up, it was because of their ethics, professionalism, and commitment that I could leave my doubts aside. I put all my frustrations and desires in their hands, hoping that at some point, I would have in my arms that being that would change my life forever.

It’s not easy as a man to accept that after a few attempts, it was impossible to achieve what I yearned for so much with my heart and soul. It was only when I finally cast aside my manly ego, those taboos, and those “what will they say” that I could accept that little push.

Today I can tell you that dreams come true. They grow to become those little individuals when we let ourselves be guided and accept and understand that we are not fewer men or parents if we resort to other unconventional ways to achieve our desire to be called “dad.”

Let yourself be carried away by the heart and not for reasons or questions about why “you can’t” on the contrary, understand and assume that even if it is another man who contributes the seed, it is you who will cultivate it, see it grow and reap all that you sowed.

You are worth what you are, what you feel, and what you give, not because you can or cannot fertilize. Virility goes further, and only a true man that assumes and gives his whole being in search of a dream.

Now, I go back a few years and confirm that it is one of the most challenging decisions to make, but it is worth taking the risk for the love of your life.

This is a decision of self-love, of courage. Be more compassionate with yourself; we came to learn to love each other and to offer love, and this test that life puts on you today only shows you that you were chosen because you have the courage to accept that you cannot control everything, that control is not in your hands, but that, if you understand the why of the situation, the reward will come.

Never allow fear to stop you from dreaming because no one can take away from me the smile I have today. I hope my experience helps you, so your smile will not be erased either. This smile is due to this decision which is most certainly the best decision a man can take in his life 

Go ahead, believe in yourself, and dream high because the desires of the soul materialize.



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