Juan Gabriel Martínez Lugo

Gynecologist and obstetrician graduated from the University of Cartagena in the year 2009. At the end of his studies, he showed special interest in the management of infertile couples in his region, which is why he began his formal training in InSer Medellín in the year 2015. In this training, he acquired competences in the […]

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Mario Pájaro Corredor

Gynecologist and obstetrician at the University of Sinú in Cartagena, where he also served as a professor of obstetrics. He is a specialist in human reproduction at the Fundación Universitaria Sánitas in Bogotá and received training in minimally invasive surgery in the cities of Bogotá and Pereira. In addition, he made a formative stay in

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Jennifer Vásquez

Bacteriologist graduated from the University of San Buenaventura Cartagena in 2015. She completed Andrology training at Inser Medellín in 2017. With five years of work experience, she works as an Andrologist in Embryology training at the Inser Cartagena Center.

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Victoria Soto

A psychologist with a cognitive, behavioral, and humanistic approach who has experience in the health field and is oriented to early care of the maternal and child population and emotional support in assisted reproduction treatments. She emphasizes diagnosis and timely intervention, neurodevelopment monitoring, strengthening of the emotional bond, psychological adjustment, grief processing, and crisis intervention.

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