5 Benefits of Egg Donation

Egg donation is a highly complex treatment that allows those couples who have a diagnosis related to an ovarian risk factor with the dream of becoming parents being fulfilled. Infertility due to ovarian-related factors is a frequent diagnosis in those patients who have had theirovaries surgically removed, are close to menopause, are carriers of genetic diseases or have  had failures in reproductive treatments due to the quality of their eggs/oocytes. In these cases, egg donation has become an opportunity to fulfill the dream of having a child with the support of fertility treatments. For this reason, it is important to understand that behind this process, which can be complex both physically and emotionally, there are multiple benefits that will strengthen you along the way.

The opportunity to live a pregnancy: to feel the baby in the womb and enjoy all the moments related to the different stages of pregnancy, is one of the most important experiences for those women who long to have a baby. With the donation of eggs this process can be made posible as the pregnancy develops naturally.

Having more control over the process: from the moment the donor is selected (anonymously), a series of controls are carried out to check the evolution of the follicles in order to guarantee that the eggs mature and are in optimum condition for treatment. Similarly in In Vitro Fertilization, where the union of the donated egg with the partner's sperm in the laboratory occurs, there is also constant monitoring of the maturation of the embryo, which allows for greater control and analysis of the entire process, thus increasing the chances of achieving pregnancy.

Freezing embryos for future attempts: if during the cycle there are embryos remaining that were not transferred, these may be frozen for future pregnancies or attempts, thus increasing the chances of achieving your dream of having a child.

Preventing congenital diseases: when a donor is selected, all relevant tests are performed to ensure that you receive the eggs from a person with no physical or emotional health problems. In addition, we do a genetic mapping of mutations to give you security when choosing, with a view always to improving the possibility of having very healthy babies. These studies reduce the risk of developing diseases that, in a natural conception, would be more complex to identify.

More hearts wishing the same dream: when you decide to seek a pregnancy through egg
donation, it is important to be aware that behind this desire to be a mother there is a woman donor who, in an altruistic way, made an invaluable contribution in the efforts to achieve this dream.

By taking into account these benefits, and being aware of all that a fertility treatment such as
egg donation implies, we invite you to face your fears and give yourself the opportunity to make
your dream come true.

And remember that you are not alone. At INSER we have a team of specialists who are ready to explain every step of the treatment and provide you with all the support you require on an emotional level.



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