Five tips you should keep in mind if you are a man and want to take care of your fertility

In the field of reproduction, there is a lot of talk about female infertility, how to manage it, what treatments are available, and how to take care of it. But there is rarely a conversation about male fertility, which is a great question considering that 50% of the cases that reach InSer are due to fertility problems in men.

As a result, we have discovered that there is a lot of misinformation about fertility and that it only begins to be discussed when the couple has started to think about forming a family. Today we want to share five daily tips to manage and care for your fertility.

A balanced diet and exercising three to four times a week will allow you to build healthy habits that will strengthen your fertility; excess weight can alter the hormones in charge of sperm reproduction, thus affecting the high possibility of getting pregnant.

Exercising at home, walking 40 minutes a day, going to the gym, and practicing your favorite sport can make a difference when looking for a family.

When discussing exogenous substances, we refer to drugs, alcohol, medicines, and other consumptions that can affect reproduction. A clear example, but not mentioned as much, is men who consume testosterone and steroids to build their bodies. Abusing these substances alters the male reproductive system and thus makes pregnancy difficult.

Caring for the body and mind is part of everything a fertility process entails, which is why sleep plays a fundamental role. Sleeping well allows the body to revitalize, renew and recover from the days of work and stress that are maintained daily.

Sleep at least seven to eight hours daily at the correct times to complete your sleep cycle. 

When you are about to have a sexual encounter, use barrier methods to avoid spreading certain diseases that can obstruct the seminal ducts and cause fertility problems.

A periodic control to evaluate that everything is working well is taking care of your fertility. A constant check of sugar levels, cholesterol, and triglycerides, if there are signs of anemia and other diseases, can help to preserve your reproductive health..

At InSer, we are always here to help and care for you while you begin your fertility process.



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