Integrative medicine merges Western medicine’s diagnostic and therapeutic methods with complementary and ancestral therapies. It proposes a holistic approach to the individual’s health, considering all its aspects; physiological, psychological, nutritional, and psychosocial. It is regarded as an interconnected medicine since it considers the individual as a whole: body, mind, and spirit. It is a branch of therapy with significant growth based on scientific evidence. It has shown a tangible impact on the patient’s quality of life, treatment adherence, and better prognosis in different clinical outcomes.

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Benefits of integrative medicine in fertility treatment

Integrative medicine has traditional therapies that can increase the success of fertility treatments since emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic factors are worked upon. In addition, tools that help with infertility are studied and evaluated, such as stress and anxiety management, nutrition, acupuncture, and energy and emotional therapies. These alternate therapies help reduce anxiety levels in treatments and stress that usually accompany fertility techniques.

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Traditional Chinese medicine analyzes people from another point of view. Acupuncture, as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, works at the hormonal level and the nervous system, increasing the chances of pregnancy. It is understood that the nervous system is directly related to the endocrine system. This is why it is essential to constantly work on the nervous system, calming the mind and promoting fertility.

Managing stress in fertility treatments and learning to mediate it is the key to having a calm and conscious process because high levels of cortisol (the so-called “stress hormone”) cause ovulation to be much lower, making it difficult for the fertilization process. That is why it is of the utmost importance to learn techniques to control it and to calm down.

Taking time to clear your mind of negative thoughts can help reduce stress and induce a state of peace of mind, which is essential for undergoing fertility treatment.

Balances energies, helps to release energy blockages and emotions, raises vital energy, and achieves a feeling of well-being that can contribute to fertility treatment.

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