We are ready to continue to accompany you in your wish to have a baby

Last March, in view of the imminent situation in the world due to COVID-19, our clinics at INSER, following the prevention measures laid down by the National Government of Colombia and the scientific fertility associations, closed their doors, in order to guarantee the protection and safety of both patients and medical and care teams.

After remaining at home, contributing to the flattening of the curve of people infected in our country, and analyzing different aspects related to the possible risk presented by patients in reproduction treatments, it was agreed that it would be possible to resume our work, taking into account that:

  • There is no scientific evidence confirming high risk of infection for patients in the midst of fertility treatments or transfers
  • There is no scientific evidence of danger to pregnant women or complications in pregnancies infected with the virus
  • There are no recorded cases of transmission of the virus between mother and baby

In view of the scientific evidence, and under all the protection and biosecurity measures necessary and implimented for the work of the health service providers, we are happy to confirm that we will continue to accompany all those families who wish to fulfil the dream of becoming parents come true.

If you are an INSER patient or wish to begin your journey, please note the following information:

  • If I am a patient, what should I do to continue my treatment?

Our INSER clinics will contact you to provide you with information about our reopening. During this call, we will schedule an appointment for a check-up if you require it or we will give you all the necessary recommendations and advice so that you may continue your treatment.

  • If I would like to start my process, what options do I have?

The first step in planning your pregnancy is to schedule a fertility consultation. It is essential that you schedule an appointment with our specialists to reach a comprehensive diagnosis and in this way help you make your dream of becoming parents come true.

There are two ways you can make an appointment for a consultation:

A virtual consultation: during the pandemic period we recommend that you schedule your appointment virtually; telemedicine is one of the ways in which we have been able to continue to accompany all families who are in the process of fertility treatment.

It is important to keep in mind that this option includes all the services of a face-to-face consultation. This helps us  reach a comprehensive diagnosis of your situation ( along with a  second meeting with the specialist to review the tests, and an appointment for emotional support)

  • An In-person consultation: if you prefer a physical consultation you can schedule the appointment with our specialists while taking into account the biosecurity protocols that we must follow for patient-doctor contact.

For this consultation it is important that you guarantee that you have not suffered symptoms associated with COVID-19. Please note that if you do not, we will not be able to treat you because we need to ensure the safety of everyone.

  • What biosecurity measures do I take at INSER to protect my safety when I have an appointment?

For INSER, the most important thing is your safety and that of our team. For this reason, before opening the doors of our centers again, we took a series of protective measures to help us look after your well-being. Below, we share some of these with you:

  1. Reorganization of our work teams and schedules to guarantee the care of our patients with the necessary resources.
  2. Implementation of a telephonic patient questionnaire to rule out symptoms associated with COVID- 19 before their visit to INSER.
  3. General cleaning and disinfection of the offices and common areas according to the established prevention protocol
  4. Acquisition of personal protection equipment for all personnel depending on the risk of exposure.
  5. Temperature taking for INSER personnel and patients who enter our clinics.
  • If I have a scheduled consultation, what do I need to know before being admitted to the clinics?

During your visit to any one of our clinics for a consultation the following should be taken into account:

  1. You must attend the consultation unaccompanied
  2. Only have your identification documents and medical papers on hand if they are required. Avoid using accessories such as rings, earrings, watches, necklaces, bags or wallets.
  3. You must wear your hair up.
  4. The use of face masks is mandatory
  5. You should not wear gloves.
  6. Hand washing and sanitizing must be constant. You will find prepared areas for this purpose.
  7. Please try to pay by card or by wire transfer. We avoid payment in cash.
  8. When you arrive at the center you must allow your temperature to be taken. If you have a temperature of 37.7°C or higher, admission is restricted.
  9. Following the guidelines for physical distancing, it is necessary that before going to the consultation room, you stay in your car in case another patient is in the waiting room. We recommend that you arrive at the assigned time and not to be too early or too late.
  10. The day before the appointment, a survey will be carried out by telephone to rule out symptoms associated with COVID-19. On the day of the consultation you must validate this information and sign the authentication document
  11. Our staff will use all the protective and biosecurity equipment to provide you with safety and security during your visit to INSER
  • Will all patients who have a consultation be able to start treatment immediately?

Before starting a fertility treatment, our specialists will make a comprehensive diagnosis of your situation to determine whether it is appropriate to start a short-term treatment with no risks involved.

It is important to keep in mind that people who have a history of cardiovascular disease, chronic high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease, chronic lung disease, immunosuppression, among others, should be treated more rigorously because of the increased risk they may have of contracting the virus.

  • If I become pregnant, is there any risk to me or my baby during the current pandemic period?

Currently there is limited evidence of the effects of the virus on early pregnancy because it is a new disease and to date no cases have been reported in this particular group of women. Taking this into account, it is understood that there is no vertical transmission of the disease (intrauterine transmission or during delivery) nor is there any relationship with the transmission of the virus through the excretion of breast milk

  • If I needed an embryo transfer or procedure would I be more exposed to the virus?

To date, there is no scientific evidence to prove that the semen, eggs or embryos carry the virus and can be transmitted through procedures.

The transmission of COVID-19 (as far as we know) occurs through contact and respiratory droplets and as a result, there are no cases of gamete infection in assisted reproduction treatments.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that our medical and laboratory personnel are equipped ( and always have been equipped) with all the biosecurity and gamete handling protection to guarantee the safety of the procedures.

  • If I am a patient, can I schedule an emotional support consultation virtually?

Yes, our team of emotional supporters is ready to give you all the support you need during this time of uncertainty and even fear. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your virtual psychology consultation.

If you have any concerns about your process or want to start your journey, please contact us. We are here to accompany you and take care of you!

If you have any concerns about the situation, we invite you to contact our customer service team:

– Medellín (4) 268 8000 – Whatsapp: +57 3146236485

– Pereira: (6) 340 17 09 – Whatsapp: +57 3117706212

– Bogotá: (1) 746 98 69 – Whatsapp: +57 3127748007

– Cartagena: (5) 693 04 34 – Whatsapp: +57 3175137834

– Manizales: (6) 896 22 20 – Whatsapp: +57 3146236485



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