Very Grateful !!

I was referred to Inser by a friend of mine and was told that I will not be disappointed.
After a failed cycle of IVF in Barbados resulting in a pre-term labor with twins at 5 months that passed away, I said I was not going to spend that type of money again and come home from the hospital empty handed.

So, my friend as I mentioned earlier went to Inser her age being 40+ and was able to conceive and have a healthy baby girl. She explained, how pleased she was with the treatment and Hope Inser gave her during her fertility journey.

Me, being 30+ figured what do I have to lose? let me give it a try. From Consultation with Dr. Juan Giraldo Moreno over the phone and via e-mail to flying to Colombia and getting the procedure done was the best Doctor patient coaching I have ever received! EVER…. He really wanted to make sure we left with a little bean growing in my tummy, and sure enough that is exactly what happened.

It did in no way felt like “Business” most clinics tend to make you feel that way unfortunately. He along with his team genuinely worked with us to ensure the best possible outcome, while explaining in total detail step by step what to expect and why certain decisions were being made.

We are very pleased and Blessed to have gotten information on this Clinic and taking the chance to entrust them with our desire on becoming parents. And they did not disappoint!

Would I recommend them? Most definitely 100 times over.
The joy that I feel I would want this for every single couple that walks through their door.

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