Juan Luis Giraldo Moreno

Medical gynecologist specialist in human reproduction

Doctor and surgeon graduated from the Pontifical Bolivarian University in 1994.  Thanks to his domain of English as a second language, he made his internship at the University of San Antonio Texas in the United States. Since 1995 he focused on the area of female health, so he obtained his degree as a gynecologist and obstetrician at the same university in 1999.

Since he began his higher studies, his main topic of interest was human reproduction, and to deepen this area, he traveled to Yale University in the United States where he made a subspecialty in infertility and gynecological endoscopy.

By the year 2000 he joined the medical group of Inser, where he has had a very important role in the development of the clinical programs of assisted reproduction therapies and the implementation of techniques of endoscopic surgery in the area of infertility.  Dr. Giraldo has also been a member of the board of Directors of the Colombian Society of Fertility and sterility.

He is currently a professor of the subspecialty in Reproductive medicine and the postgraduate course in gynecology and obstetrics at the University of Antioquia, the University of Medellín and the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, and has been a lecturer in multiple Congresses of his specialty.

Dr. Giraldo has also published papers in important international journals specialized in human reproduction, endoscopic surgery and gynecology and is the author of the book-guide Buscando un bebé, editorial Norma, oriented for couples who are facing a diagnosis of infertility, and is already in its third edition.

His contributions in the area of reproduction earned him recognition as Junior Executive of the year in Colombia in the area of science and technology in the year 2005, and the award as Colombian exemplary in the area of science and Technology in the year 2006 , as well as recognition by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia and the city Council of Medellin. Also highlighted in his resume is the appointment as distinguished graduate of the Pontifical Bolivarian University.

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