Thank you! Your act of love gave me the gift of happiness

I am writing this letter to you because, although I do not know you in person, I feel that you are close to me and I owe you so much for my happiness.

I don’t know in which part of the world you are now, or whether you are also curious to know who I am, but through these words, which you more than likely will never read, I want to express the strong emotions that you awake in me and the immense joy that you have given to my family.

When I decided to become a mother I was 42 years old and my hopes of conceiving were not high. My doctor tried everything before recommending an egg donation treatment, and although my first reaction to this diagnosis was not the best, with time I understood that beyond genes, a child is love, union and hope.

When I started the process of searching for a donor, I had many doubts. What will this person be like? Will she be healthy? Will she donate her eggs willingly? Will she look like us?

My mind became filled with uncertainty, which made my wait longer and more anxious. I knew nothing about you and you were going to give me part of what from now on would be everything to me: my child.

I won’t deny that I felt scared about accepting an “egg cell” from a person who was a total stranger to me. It was strange too, to know and acknowledge that my baby would only carry my husband’s genes and that I, in one way or another, would be the” heart” mother.

Initially it was all so foreign to me and I had to go through an emotional process that allowed me to accept the situation. But later, that barrier that I had put up myself began to disappear as we started the process.

When I first started preparing my womb for the transfer, I understood that my body was getting ready to give life and, right at that moment, I understood that I really could be a mom and that this baby would be my greatest blessing.

After a few days, the moment of your egg retrieval and fertilization in the laboratory arrived. According to what I was told, the process was done with fresh eggs, which meant that you were in the place where days later I would arrive to meet the beautiful embryos that had been formed and that were going to be transferred into my uterus.

When I saw my baby on the screen they show us in the lab before the transfer, I understood that those embryos were mine, and that in my prayers of gratitude from now on there would always be you, because that miracle of life was thanks to God, science, my family and you.

Today, after 8 months of pregnancy, I look forward to the moment when I can look into my baby’s eyes. I don’t know who he or she will look like, but I know that in his or her heart there will always be that pure feeling that you transmitted to him or her by being one of the protagonists of this story.

Thank you for being my donor, for giving us love and for giving a little part of yourself so that my husband and I could make our dream of becoming parents come true. We promise you that this baby will be happy and that he will receive all the love in the world because this baby is the most important part of our lives, THANK YOU!

*Egg donation in Colombia is an altruistic and anonymous act and for this reason it is not possible to establish a direct link between the donor and the recipient family.


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