How to face the fear of scheduling the first appointment?

Facing an infertility diagnosis when looking for pregnancy is perhaps the biggest fear you can face while thinking about scheduling a fertility consultation.

Why won’t I get pregnant? Could it be that I can’t have children? Are the treatments expensive? Is this a “problem” from my side or my partner’s? Those are some of the questions that generate the most fears before visiting a fertility specialist.

But how do you overcome the fear of consulting and taking the step to schedule an appointment? We share some tips:

1. Accept your process and focus on your dream: Remember that everything is built one step at a time, and on some occasions, we need the support of third parties to achieve our goals. You are not the only one who lives this process. In your way, you will meet hundreds of cases that, like you, require the support of specialists to achieve their desire to have a child.

2. Get advice and consult where you feel confident: The path for searching pregnancy requires confidentiality, trust, and support. It is essential to be accompanied by your specialist and the work team to feel calm and live your process in the best way. Do not rush; where you feel good will be the place to do it.

3. Find (if you consider it important) a center that offers you psychological support: fertility treatments carry an emotional component that is important to manage in many cases. Therefore, if you feel that it is important to talk about the subject to feel calmer, this option is essential to balance and accept the process.

4. Do not rush looking for diagnoses and treatments: Each person or couple is an entirely different universe. Even if you share similar symptoms or situations, you will not always have the same diagnosis. The only way to know your condition and the best way to treat it is with a consultation.

5. Do not think consulting will lead to a highly complex treatment right away: There are multiple options with low and high-complexity-assisted reproductive techniques in the world of infertility. There are numerous paths, and depending on your condition, you can achieve a pregnancy with “simple” treatments and at moderate costs. Everything will depend on the medical diagnosis.

6. Consultation as a couple: if you live this process with your partner, try to decide together. A fertility consultation should begin by evaluating both the male and female factors, so it is essential to know the medical history of each one to reach an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, emotional support with your partner will give you the strength to walk together and make the best decisions.

If you are currently over 35 years old and have been searching for more than six months, or under 35 and searching for more than one year, don’t wait any longer and schedule your fertility consultation! Remember that with the passage of time and the years, the possibility of achieving pregnancy can decrease more and more.

Take strength, trust your dream and take the first step to identify how you can make your wish to have a child come true.

Remember that in INSER, you can consult in our clinics located in Medellin, Bogotá, Pereira, and Cartagena. In addition, you can request your appointment with our allies in Manizales.



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