Why should you attend INSER unaccompanied?

Complying with the biosecurity measures established by the places you go to in order to work, run errands or undergo medical procedures is fundamental to reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection in each city.

In view of the above, it is important that you are aware that at INSER, in contributing to the care and protection of our staff and patients, we have reinforced our care protocol to provide you with greater safety during your visit to our clinics.

One of the most important aspects that it contributes to the fulfillment of the norms established by the governmental authorities, is to ATTEND UNACCOMPANIED YOUR MEDICAL CONSULTATIONS OR PROCEDURES UNACCOMPANIED.

Below, we share with you the reasons why this policy is essential to take care of you, to take care of us and to take care of our city.

1.To avoid overcrowding at our locations: public spaces with a considerable number of people must be kept to a minimum, which is why all our consultations, examinations and medical procedures will be scheduled by appointment in order to reduce congestion at the clinics.No one will be allowed to stay in the waiting rooms for more than 10 minutes. Only the patient can enter this space after registration and while being attended by the specialist.

* Under no circumstances will companions be allowed to enter this common space.

2.Reduce traffic on the streets: the use of public transport should only be used in unavoidable situations. The fewer people who use these means, the more likely it is that the infection will be reduced. Even if you have private transportation, traveling with a companion increases the chances of interaction between people in the street.

3.Minimize the risk of infection among our staff and patients: our medical and care staff follow a rigorous protocol of care to prevent the spread of the virus. However, the more people who come to our clinics, the more likely a case is to occur.

4.Comply with the measures of physical distancing between people: the distance that must be respected to comply with the protocols of physical distancing is 2 meters between people. For this reason, admission to the doctor’s office and procedure room will be limited to the doctor or assistant personnel and the patient.

We realize that the journey to a pregnancy is best experienced as a couple. Therefore, if during your procedure or consultation you wish to be accompanied, we will make it possible for to you  connect from the virtual world with that person who gives you strength and encourages you to continue.

With love and protection we will make it!  Remember that you can also schedule your virtual consultation to give you more protection.

Schedule your consultation in our clinics in Medellín, Pereira, Bogotá and Cartagena; or with our specialists in Manizales.

– Medellín (4) 268 8000 – Whatsapp: +57 3146236485

– Pereira: (6) 340 17 09 – Whatsapp: +57 3117706212

– Bogotá: (1) 746 98 69 – Whatsapp: +57 3127748007

– Cartagena: (5) 693 04 34 – Whatsapp: +57 3175137834

– Manizales: (6) 896 22 20 – Whatsapp: +57 3146236485



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