Endometriosis. What are the most common symptoms?

Endometriosis is considered a chronic condition that can affect between 10 and 15% of women in reproductive stages; however, it is a silent disease that has symptoms that are not easy to identify or relate to this diagnosis.

This condition goes unnoticed on many occasions because it is an internal process of the body that has no visible external effects on the human being. On many occasions, it does not generate symptoms that cause concern in women.

Despite this, it is essential to know that there are direct signs that can help identify that you are suffering from this disease since this diagnosis can affect any woman in her reproductive stage (increasing her chances in women with heredity).

Some of the symptoms are:

– Intense pain during the menstrual period: moderate cramps may be expected during the first days of the menstrual period; however, this discomfort should not interrupt daily activities. If the pain is severe and does not decrease over the days, it is an alarm signal to consult.

– Abundant bleeding during the menstrual period: it is normal to present moderate bleeding during the menstrual period, but if you consider it exaggerated and it makes you feel weak, it is cause for alarm to consult.

– Discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse: the pelvis or abdomen is one of the most affected areas when suffering from endometriosis. This area becomes more sensible during the sexual act, generating discomfort or pain.

Although there are signs that could be related to this disease, it is important to know that, on some occasions, endometriosis does not generate abundant symptoms that can intuit the condition. Therefore, it is recommended to be constant with gynecological examinations to be diagnosed in time if it develops.

Remember that this disease can lead to a diagnosis of infertility; however, there are multiple ways to treat it and achieve the desired pregnancy.

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