¿Would you like to have a baby and are you looking for options? Colombia is your best alternative!

When faced with a diagnosis of infertility and the only possibility to make the desire to have a child come true is to undergo assisted reproduction treatment, one begins to explore all the possibilities one has available to achieve the desired positive outcome.

Deciding whether to have the treatment where you live or to travel to a foreign country where the costs may be more reasonable is one of the questions to be considered in the midst of this process.

Considering these possibilities and variables that the patient must take into account when making a decision on how and where to carry out their treatment, is where Inser can help. For more than 15 years we have been working to care for international patients, offering them a good option to all those who are looking for alternatives to make their desire to be parents come true.

With the purpose of resolving each and every one of the concerns or doubts that the patient may experience and to explain our care model, INSER has opened a space for direct communication between the doctor and families who are in the midst of the process in countries other than Colombia.

The first meeting to be held in 2020 will be on February 19 in Miami, USA. There, some of the questions that will be addressed by the specialists are:

How long will I need to be away?

Why should I travel to Colombia for a fertility treatment?

What are the tourist destinations in Colombia?

How will I be able to have a consultation from my country?

Why should I choose INSER? What are the costs?

What treatment do I need?

The talk, which is called,” Would you like to have a baby? INSER helps you to resolve your doubts” will take place in the Procolombia office in Miami at 5:00 p.m. – 60 Brickell Key Dr, Suite 608. Miami Fl 33131; Admission is free but registration is required (mercadeo@inser.com.co – Whatsapp: +57 3163297515).

Simultaneously we will also hold one of the most emotional and significant events for INSER. “My most desired moment” will be in Miami at the same time to bring together all those families who live in the United States and had their fertility treatment in Colombia with INSER.

It is here that our patients will be able to introduce their babies and show the joy of having made their dream of becoming parents come true. They will also be invited to take pictures with their babies.

In the near future, we will carry out these events and gatherings in different parts of the world, including the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao) and New York.



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