Supporting Dreams Program

Building a family after cancer: a fundamental purpose for Inser

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, their world collapses. There is no chance of seeing beyond, their opportunities are closed and their efforts are focused on how to fight that terrible disease.

The good news for these patients is that, thanks to the advances of science, each day it is more possible to defeat cancer.  Therefore, it is necessary for the patient to think beyond his or her diagnosis and decide whether, after completing his or her chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, he or she wishes to have a child.

This kind of pesons are the ones who Inser has decided to support since the year 2017, when their goal of helping cancer patients became their social and corporate responsibility program, a highly successful accompaniment that has given hope to more than 30 Patients with this disease throughout the country.

A few years ago, preserving the eggs and sperm was very difficult, as the cryopreservation of cells was made with ice and, when it proceeded to defrost the same, these no longer had a good life and therefore the subsequent results within an assisted fertilization process they weren’t the best.  This changed when the vitrification of gametes in the year 2013, when the ice was replaced by glass to freeze these cells, achieving better results in the preservation and fertilization of cells in the medium and long term.

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