INSER Eje Cafetero receives recognition for the health humanization program

The Public Health and Social Security office of Pereira recognized INSER Eje Cafetero on July 26 as one of the private health institutions most committed to the implementation of humanization and quality policies.

This recognition is given after presenting the work committed by the health institution for the development of emotional and psychological support programs, humanized care sensibilization for the staff, and generation of learning and support spaces.

Three public and ten private institutions were selected for this recognition, including INSER, from the 288 institutions currently providing health services in Pereira. 

Humanization in INSER

Working with love, providing a quality service and guidance is one of the main objectives of the INSER Group, an institution willing to accompany the search for pregnancy with professionalism, human touch, sensitivity, and respect for the other.

Based on that purpose, for years, we have been developing a Humanized program focused on providing comprehensive support to the process that each family undergoes during fertility treatments. Some of the components that INSER created within the frame of this work are:

1. Formation of an area of ​​emotional support, made up by professionals in psychology willing to guide and support the process each family goes through in the search for a pregnancy.

2. Emotional support activities focused on prevention, such as talks and campaigns, self-care, and support for families living with an infertility diagnosis.

3. Personnel training and sensitization for a humanized and individualized attention.

4. Warm and safe conditioning of the physical spaces

5. Creation of care protocols oriented to the patient’s experience.

Thanks to this committed work of the entire INSER work team, today, our humanization policy is highlighted. Our purpose is to improve day by day in each of our offices in Pereira, Medellin, Bogotá, and Cartagena, to continue providing a quality service focused on sensitivity, accompaniment, and good patient care.



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