Age is not a limit for being parents

Due to society’s evolution, families have transformed, and the role of women in them has acquired new meaning. Families today have new internal ways where the woman not only stands out for fulfilling her role as a housewife, but women also nowadays want to distinguish themselves in their profession and dreams by adding experiences and building a family from a new perspective. For this reason, nowadays, motherhood has been delayed to later stages, this is not a case of more infertility today, but there are way more couples who prefer to develop their personal and working experiences before forming a family.

We talk that an advanced reproductive age begins when a couple between the ages of 35 and 40 begins to look for a baby. However, science has shown that the possibility of achieving pregnancy decreases with age; for example, a woman within the age of 20 has a 25% chance of getting pregnant, while a woman who is around 37 has their chances reduced to 15%

Image taken from https://www.reproduccionasistida.org/wp-content//probabilidad-embarazo-segun-edad-biologica.png

A 35-year-old woman has a chance of achieving pregnancy of approximately 8%. At 38, it is 3%. Age also affects men since sperm quality can deteriorate over time; however, their reproductive system is much more stable and prolonged than women.

Many couples are diagnosed with infertility, but these are cases where their reproductive age has passed, and this does not mean that the dream of building a family has ended because different assisted production techniques help these couples to become parents; ovulation induction, In Vitro Fertilization, Egg Donation, ICSIS and many more treatments seek to support these couples with fertility problems.

Finally, when the search for a baby begins, it is imperative to take into consideration that if you are between 30 and 35 years old and have been looking for a pregnancy for more than one year, the best way to start is to consult with a specialist, for women between 35 and 40 years it is essential to prioritize the consultation and not prolong the appointment with the specialist.

At InSer, we want more women to care for and preserve their fertility. If your friends, cousins, sisters, and acquaintances want to become parents but still do not want to start their search, recommend that they consult specialists so that their reproductive age does not pass, and they can have a long-term treatment such as cryopreservation of eggs.



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