Psychological accompaniment in Inser, essential for couples with fertility difficulties

When a couple is faced with a diagnosis of infertility, their life as it knew until that moment, changes, as well as their plans, they realize that they lose control of something that is considered natural and easy to reach and begin to traverse a path not always simple their goal of being  parents.

Aware of this reality, Inser provides its patients with emotional accompaniment, with the encouragement to overcome their fears, anxieties and other problems that can hinder the way to achieve a pregnancy and thus make more bearable and even convert this difficult test in an opportunity to achieve personal growth and strengthening of the couple.

What is the psychological accompaniment offered by Inser to couples and/or individuals with difficulties in their fertility?

In Inser we recognize that what affects the body affects the mind, so we seek to ensure comprehensive care, which involves the professional work of a group of psychologists who are concerned with the emotional stability of each patient.

Infertility at the psychological level behaves as a vital crisis that brings imbalances for both men and women, and if anxiety, sadness, fear and other emotions are present, which negatively affect fertility treatment.

In general, from the Department of Psychology makes a successful measurement of the emotions of the couple, it is observed that both are handling this issue correctly and whether it allows them to function as individuals or definitely not. To do this, it is analyzed if there is a crisis in sleep or appetite, if there is low work performance, if personal relationships deteriorate, if the couple loses the link, enjoyment in their sexuality, etc.

After the physological assessment by the treating physician, it is determined whether the couple needs a greater or lesser psychological accompaniment. If the treatment is of high complexity, there is a more frequent psychological accompaniment, where the couple is prepared to live the experience of the treatment in a positive way. If the treatment is of low or medium complexity, also a psychological accompaniment is made depending on the need of the treating physician.

Every person who consults at Inser has the right to psychological accompaniment of the hand of your fertility treatment, with a view to successful fertility. Each Inser center in Colombia has the same care protocols, so that each couple receives a psychological therapy with quality and relevance.


Initially, at Inser we recommend the psychological accompaniment for all couples, because we know that infertility is a vital crisis for those who experience it, similar to suffering from a chronic disease.  Therefore, it is necessary to define roads, release control and build a strategic plan to live the process in a healthy way. Infertility produces a personal mismatch and therefore the couple should think of alternatives and resort to their own capacities to adapt to the process. We work in the wellbeing and quality of life of the couple, managing their periods of crisis, organizing their minds, performing a better management duel.


Individually, a patient knows how to use tools of emotional regulation to find their equilibrium point by means of breathing techniques, relaxation and visualization and thus be able to come into contact with their emotions. It also teaches how to modify behavior to change thoughts, how to improve your social skills, how to design new routes to cope with problems, how to articulate the individual life project as a couple project, among other processes. In this therapy a work is done to improve the effective communication, because generally the man faces the problem of infertility in a rational way and the woman in an emotional way. Also, we work to improve sexual relations in the couple, because before a fertility treatment is lost spontaneity in the same causing problems very common in the couple.

We apply a questionnaire to people and couples who experience difficulties in their fertility and that questionnaire gives us a range. If that range is above a predetermined value, a differential diagnosis of anxiety, depression, or other psychiatric illnesses is performed.  At Inser we work with psychologists and external psychiatrists to fully address the problem and thus improve the patient’s responsiveness to the fertility treatment to be traversed. In this way, from the psychology department we make alliances with other experts to make the pertinent adjustments and orient the patient.


In addition to the psychological accompaniment, Inser provides a space for couples facing a condition of infertility to know similar cases and talk to other people about the process they are carrying to get their pregnancy. Therefore, every month we make psychoeducational workshops and support groups called cultivating the self, to which patients and non-patients of Inser can go for free.

The support group Cultivating the Self is defined as a safe space to exchange experiences with others experiencing similar life situations, where participants can share experiences, reflect on one’s own experiences and enhance being during the search for pregnancy, thus pretending, to transform adversity into a learning opportunity from optimism and hope.

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