Very soon our borders will open up and there will be no more obstacles to your dream of having a baby becoming a reality

We are happy as international flights are to be resumed on September 1st!

The Covid19 pandemic  has transformed our lives. For the first time in history, every country in the world has been affected, having to take protective measures for its citizens, promoting social isolation and closing its borders to minimize contagion.

Colombia was no exception, which is why, starting in March, it imposed restrictive measures to contain the spread of the virus. As a result, the number of those infected and the mortality rate is low compared to other countries on the continent.

Gradually, we have been returning to normal, following the biosecurity protocols and information systems suggested by the state and implemented by all the companies. These have made it possible to build epidemiological safeguards to contain the sources of infection.

In the light of the above, the government has set September 1st as the date on which our borders will once again be opened and international flights will be resumed. This is good news for Inser, because it will enable us to resume treatment for patients from abroad.

With this good news we invite you to start planning your trip and the initiation or resumption of treatment. You can be sure that we will take all the necessary precautions to guarantee the well-being of you and your partner.

Where do you begin?

1.Schedule a virtual appointment with your doctor or ask to be assigned one: It is very easy. You can write to us via WhatsApp at (57) 314 623 6485 or email us at infoalpaciente@inser.com.co

2.If you are an Inser patient and are part of a cycle program, do not worry, because these 6 months of contingency will not be taken into account in the time stipulated in the contract. So you can arrange with your doctor to restart your next cycle.

3.If you are a new patient and already have some information about treatment, you can write to atencionalpaciente@inser.com.co and ask for an estimate for the treatment.

4.Once you have arranged your traveling dates, please let us know so that we can send you the biosafety protocols that you must follow to make your trip much safer.

We hope to see you soon. Together we will succeed!



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