What is the process for administering medication during reproductive treatment?

¿Cómo es la aplicación de medicamentos en tratamientos de reproducción?

When someone is diagnosed with infertility and begins treatment, one of the most important factors, on which the effectiveness of the process greatly depends, is the application of medications at the scheduled times assigned by the specialist.

Undoubtedly, the administration of hormones through intramuscular or subcutaneous injections is one of the main concerns that patients face at the time of being instructed on how to administer their medication at home. However, when the couple accompany and support each other, this process can be simpler and more manageable.

The following questions and answers provide some advice to help you understand how to apply the medication and what to consider when administering it at home.

The administration of medication at home is safe after getting advice and guidance from the INSER nursing staff.

You may reach out to our team as many times as necessary or until you feel confident to do it yourself at home.

It is important to note that most medications are applied subcutaneously, which allows for easy administration.

The application of the medication can be done by yourself or with the support of someone else. Another person is not required to carry out the process. You just need to find a way in which you feel safer and calmer.

If you do decide to do it accompanied by someone, please keep in mind that the person who will apply the medication must get advice from our team  to have a detailed step-by-step explanation.

For the application of medication at home you must have:

  • The dosage of the medication recommended by the specialist
  • Cotton
  • Alcohol (Medical)
  • An area for asepsis and hand disinfection.
  • Hospital waste trash bag (red)

Each medication has specific indications that we will share with you when you purchase it at the pharmacy.

Some require a specific temperature, so you will need to store them in the refrigerator, and others need to be away from heat, so you can store them in your closet or a cool area.

*We will provide you with a cooler for medications that require low temperatures, so that you can travel and take them with you anywhere at your convenience.

Do not panic and call us! At INSER we have a team ready to accompany you every step of the way so that you feel safe and can consult us as a matter of priority should you have an incident of any kind in your treatment.

In this regard, before starting your treatment, our specialists will tell you what the normal symptoms are and what may be a warning. There are situations that may arise due to the medication (such as slight bleeding).  However, there is no reason to panic or think that this was due to an incorrect procedure in the administration of the medication.

It is particularly important you be aware of the application schedule for each medication. Although there are some medications that do not have complications due to short delays, there are others that require punctuality and compliance with schedules. Talk to your doctor to understand how each formula is handled.

REMEMBER! The most important thing is that during the process you continue with your routine and enjoy your life. Try to comply with the established schedule for the application of the medication. If, however, you miss it by 5 minutes, do not get stressed, just take your time and do it calmly and then carry on with your daily routine.

At INSER we are here to guide you in your process and have you feel safe, secure, and confident at every moment. Keep the following video on hand so you can feel at ease with the step-by-step process for application at home.

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