Coralia Carillo Alessandro

coralia carrillo

Medical obstetrician-gynecologist specialist in human reproduction

Medical surgeon specializing in gynecology and obstetrics graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 2008, University of Greater international prestige in that country.

She studied reproductive medicine in Fertilab, Clínica El Ávila in Caracas Venezuela, certifyied in Brazil with the network LARA (Latin American Network of assisted reproduction) as a specialist in human reproduction and fertility in 2012.

Her main interest since the beginning of his studies was infertility, and in her eagerness to Deep in this knowledge, she carried out training in laparoscopic and hysteroscopy surgery at the European Institute of Endoscopic Sciences. She also held a diploma in Gynecological endocrinology at the University of Alcalá in Madrid, Spain. Such preparation has allowed her to have an integral approach of the infertile couple with quality and warmth.

She is a member of AVEMERE (Venezuelan Association of Reproductive Medicine and embryology) and since 2016 she resides in Colombia where she worked in multiple Antioquia health institutions. She currently serves as a specialist in human reproduction and assisted reproduction techniques at InSer Rionegro at the San Vicente Foundation Hospital.