Well-being Program

What is Mind/Body Synchrony?

Synchrony is when something occurs or develops simultaneously with other phenomena or circumstances in perfect temporal correspondence, such as the march of two clocks.

At Inser, Synchrony is when the body and mind unite to undertake this new journey that is infertility, guided by their mentors.

The InSer well-being program is designed for our patients, who, from the perspective of Integrative Medicine, will be able to merge Western medicine’s diagnostic and therapeutic methods with complementary and ancestral medicine. You will find a wide field of studies where the soul, the body, and the heart come together, considering the individual as a unit to impact its quality of life, your adherence to treatments, and to bring a better prognosis in the different clinical outcomes.

Our specialist in psychology and Integrative medicine

¡We did it!

Once again, we have achieved the Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) for Medical Travel Services. This is a recognition of InSer’s commitment and excellence in providing an unparalleled medical travel experience. InSer’s commitment to excellence is strengthened by the accreditation from Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA), a globally renowned leader in medical tourism and health tourism. At

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Everything You Need to Know About Fertility Treatments

The information surrounding fertility treatments can be difficult to grasp due to the technicalities involved in explaining them. However, we understand that many people are interested in getting a closer look at what techniques exist, what they entail, and what their success rates are. That’s why we’ve prepared this article to provide you with a

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Fertility Preservation

In a world where life and career decisions are increasingly diverse and complex, fertility preservation is emerging as an option for those who wish to keep the doors open to the possibility of motherhood or fatherhood in the future. Whether for medical, professional, or personal reasons, preserving fertility offers a strategically and emotionally meaningful solution

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