Well-being Program

What is Mind/Body Synchrony?

Synchrony is when something occurs or develops simultaneously with other phenomena or circumstances in perfect temporal correspondence, such as the march of two clocks.

At Inser, Synchrony is when the body and mind unite to undertake this new journey that is infertility, guided by their mentors.

The InSer well-being program is designed for our patients, who, from the perspective of Integrative Medicine, will be able to merge Western medicine’s diagnostic and therapeutic methods with complementary and ancestral medicine. You will find a wide field of studies where the soul, the body, and the heart come together, considering the individual as a unit to impact its quality of life, your adherence to treatments, and to bring a better prognosis in the different clinical outcomes.

Our specialist in psychology and Integrative medicine

Destination of Hope: Fertility Treatments in Colombia

At the crossroads between hope and science, fertility treatments have become beacons of light for many couples longing to have children. In Colombia, a country whose medical and tourism scene is flourishing, there is a range of cutting-edge fertility options. From in vitro fertilization to innovative therapies, this South American country is emerging as a

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There is always a way to fulfill your dream: ROPA Method in Colombia

In the search for motherhood, many couples resort to assisted reproduction methods to fulfill their dream of having a child. One of these methods, which has gained popularity in Colombia and worldwide, is the ROPA Method. Couples considering the ROPA Method must be informed about the possible risks and seek specialized medical care at trusted

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Surrogacy in Colombia: A Hope for Couples in Fertility Treatments

On the exciting journey toward parenthood, some obstacles may seem impossible. However, surrogacy in Colombia emerges as a valuable and legal option for couples struggling with fertility issues, providing new hope. This article will explore what surrogacy in Colombia consists of, who can access it, and how genetic aspects can affect the baby. Colombia is

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