Well-being Program

What is Mind/Body Synchrony?

Synchrony is when something occurs or develops simultaneously with other phenomena or circumstances in perfect temporal correspondence, such as the march of two clocks.

At Inser, Synchrony is when the body and mind unite to undertake this new journey that is infertility, guided by their mentors.

The InSer well-being program is designed for our patients, who, from the perspective of Integrative Medicine, will be able to merge Western medicine’s diagnostic and therapeutic methods with complementary and ancestral medicine. You will find a wide field of studies where the soul, the body, and the heart come together, considering the individual as a unit to impact its quality of life, your adherence to treatments, and to bring a better prognosis in the different clinical outcomes.

Our specialist in psychology and Integrative medicine

9 strategies for the creation of work networks in the health sector

The world of technology introduced the concept of collaborative work networks into the business context; According to the definition of Peter Gloor, “these networks are understood as teams of self-motivated people, with a collective vision, enabled on the web to collaborate in the achievement of a common goal through the exchange of ideas, information, and

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To be parents from love

THE PLACE OF THE FAMILY TODAY Contemporaneity has brought with it transformations in society. Economic, political, and social aspects have changed, and therefore, the family has also undergone notable changes that reflect the conceptions of family. The great diversity of family structures that exists today, which is observed both in space and time, has forced

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To thank and project, the two must-haves at your end of the year

Give thanks for everything you lived throughout this year; Project yourself to be your best version in the future. To heal, forgive, and keep moving forward are the most important actions we have in the constant path of life; the “complex” of these situations is to be grateful and generate learning that allows you to

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