Fertility appointment

It is known that one in six couples may have difficulty conceiving a baby. Therefore, the fertility appointment  is designed for those people who need to find the precise answers about the obstacles they have to achieve a pregnancy and what are the alternatives to overcome them.

The Fertility appointment is an interview that the couple holds with a human reproduction specialist gynecologist, who evaluates his/her medical history, background and previous exams and then practice a complete gynecological examination in search of the possible factors that point to possible infertility. In this appointment, patients can have a clearer diagnosis of the difficulties they have when conceiving and the guidelines for achieving it in the medium and long term.

The fertility consultation is designed for a couple who want to achieve a pregnancy and have not achieved it due to reproductive alterations. But the question is how to know if a couple is presenting a fertility problem?

Studies in couples in reproductive age have shown that when a couple has a regular sex life without any contraceptive method during the first year, they have a 85% chance of achieving a pregnancy. If this pregnancy is not achieved in the first year, a specialist must be consulter, as the possibility of pregnancy during the second year decreases dramatically.

Other gynecological problems such as endometriosis, irregular menstrual cycles in women, or ejaculation problems in men can frame a fertility problem.

In the fertility appointment will be analyzed factors such as:

  • Physical examination.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Diagnostic impression.
  • Review of Studies.
  • Treatment Plan.

This first appointment defines the need for new medical examinations, and if necessary, a review consultation is scheduled where, together with the results of the previous examinations, the diagnosis and the therapeutic plan to be followed are defined.

Fertility appointment is the best way to clarify your concerns about your health problems that make pregnancy difficult. 

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